Great Tips to Help Your Home Inspection Go Smoothly!

Spring has finally come to Rochester and we are seeing a 19% increase in sales!  Excellent!   Wise consumers include home inspections as a contingency in their purchase contract.   At Independent Inspection Services, we want to partner with you to create a successful experience.

HomeInspection1Here are some tips we found to help sellers prepare for home inspections:

  1. Make sure the water is on
  2. Make sure the electricity is on
  3. Make sure the gas is turned on
  4. Make sure there is clear access to all electrical panels
  5. Make sure there is clear access to all crawl spaces
  6. Make sure there is clear access to all attics
  7. Make sure keys are left available to any locked spaces
  8. Seller should leave a phone number so that they can be reached if additional information is needed
  9. Turn off all computers,
  10. Take the pets to another location or if that is not possible, make sure they are safe and won’t limit the inspection.
  11. Allow access to the full access to the garage by leaving cars in driveway which will also allow for inspection of the overhead door. 
  12. Be prepared to stay away from home for at least  2 hours

Lets make it a “Bakers Dozen.”

13. Clear access to furnace and all appliances.

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openbookhomeAlso, in the height of a busy spring market, it’s also a great idea to consider a pre-inspection of a home before you list it.   Having a pre- inspection can show that you have nothing to hide, can highlight your home’s assets and can save you money in the long run!

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